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Cewal Pressure gauge 63mm diameter liquid filled rear (back) entry

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Stainless Steel case, brass internals, 63mm diameter, liquid filled 1/4″ bspp, Dual Scale BAR and PSI

Panel mounting bracket sold separately.


Pressure gauges ideal for the measurement of rapidly fluctuating or pulsating pressures, or in presence of vibrations. Good shock resistance. Suitable for all liquid or gaseous fluids, provided the latter are not highly viscous, crystallising or corrosive to copper and tin alloys. They can be fastened directly on the pressure inlet or on the instrument panel with special brackets or flanges supplied as optional


– oil hydraulics (plant and equipment)
– technical equipment
– water cleaners
– agriculture and zootechny
– means of transport
– compressors


– EN 837-1
– 2.5 precision class
– CE 1997-23 directive (PED)
– degree of protection IP65 according to EN 60529


On the body of the pressure gauge -20 ÷ +70 °C
Of pressurized fluid max 90 °C

Up to 3/4 of the full scale value for static pressures
Up to 2/3 of the full scale value for fluctuating pressure
Up to the full scale value for short periods Fluids

Liquid or gaseous
non-corrosive to copper alloys,
not highly viscous, not crystallising
Gauges not suitable for oxygen


– case in polished stainless steel AISI 304
– retaining ring in polished stainless steel AISI 304, cramped to the case with an air-tight seal
– unbreakable polycarbonate window
– filling liquid: bidistilled glycerine 99.7%
– prepainted aluminium white dial
– two-colour graphics: double scale bar (black) psi (red)
– aluminium indicator
– brass coupling
– “C” shaped Bourdon spring in copper alloy for full scale pressures up to 40 bar, spiral spring in phosphorous bronze for higher pressures
– high sensitivity movement in watch brass alloy (OT59)
– welding: tin alloy up to 40 bar, silver alloy for higher pressure

Additional information

Pressure Range

Vacuum -1 to 0, 0-1 bar, 0- 2.5 bar, 0-4 bar, 0-6 bar, 0-10 bar, 0-12 bar, 0-16 bar, 0-25 bar, 0- 40 bar, 0-60 bar, 100 bar, 160 bar, 0-250 bar, 0-400 bar


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